[bf1942] EA has to be the worst run company in software... IMHO

Mike stuff at dustsmoke.com
Sat Oct 8 16:41:29 EDT 2005

David Stevens wrote:

>I would expect them to learn from their mistakes in BF1942.
>For example, it took till what? 1.45 before we got connection ID's in the
>"TAB" screen..  (to allow for kicking, banning, ect).
>We don't have it again..
>The memory leak issue should have been EASILY found. Andreas released a
>patch to EA within DAYS.. and it still took 2 weeks for EA to "QA" it..
>I don't know if they are the worst run company in software, but they must be
>right up there.

I use EA/Dice as my measuring stick for how bad a gaming company can 
get. Its quite amazing to watch, they will run right out in front of 
every bridge they come upon and burn the damn thing down right in front 
of you and everybody else. You'd think somebody else would basically 
match the bf series by now. By hell it would eliminate Dice the first 
second somebody had anything that rivaled it. Nobody would stick it out 
with EA/Dice..... I mean. "nobody"... And as far as I can tell THEY 

I wonder if its as bad to work there as it is for us to work with them?


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