[bf1942] EA has to be the worst run company in software... IMHO

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Sat Oct 8 12:00:46 EDT 2005

I would expect them to learn from their mistakes in BF1942.

For example, it took till what? 1.45 before we got connection ID's in the
"TAB" screen..  (to allow for kicking, banning, ect).

We don't have it again..

The memory leak issue should have been EASILY found. Andreas released a
patch to EA within DAYS.. and it still took 2 weeks for EA to "QA" it..

I don't know if they are the worst run company in software, but they must be
right up there.

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Yea we'll have to agree to disagree here.

BF1942 was totally bug ridden in 1.00.  Hell they had a patch out on release

day!  It gradually got better up to the 1.61 stage which took over a year. 
While it would have been nice to have the quality of 1.61 at release BF1942 
was still a ground breaking game in terms of online play and is still one of

my favorites, regardless of the messups.  Bear in mind people that BF2 was 
released on JUNE 23RD!  It has only been 3.5 months since it came out and 
we've already seen THREE patches.  I'd say they are trying very hard to get 
it right.

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>> They had talent. Where did it go?  I remember playing BF1942 when it
>> first came out till all hours of the night. What a game.  Did all those
>> people leave?  No... EA sucked up Dice!  The talent was still there.
>> They probably would not have any of that once in charge and fired
>> them. :-)
> Despite all bugs, I've played BF2 all night when it came out.
> And BF1942 was a bugfest too in it's early days.. (and there's still that 
> one hour video showing bugs in V1.61)
> Of course EA sucks, but that's pretty old information =)
> I like Battlefield 2 too much to boycot EA...

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