[bf1942] Patch news

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Sat Oct 1 10:11:49 EDT 2005

All I can say, is I am *REALLY* hoping that they have not set themselves up
for failure here.

I REALLY hope that the patch comes out with no issues, and works like a
damn, putting all our fears to rest.

That being said, I know they are gonna screw it up.

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Wake Island map screenshots:


> Apologies for the frustration at the wait, however it is vital that the
> patch be delivered in the best possible condition, improving the game
> from where it is now and solving many of the issues and complaints which
> have been received so far. Similarly, speculative information from us at
> this point will undoubtedly lead to disappointment as the makeup of the
> final, release, patch will not be set in stone until it enters the final
> testing phase.

I love the "we don't want feedback" attitude. Yeah, good way to insure the 
"best possible condition". Classic corporate thinking, totally fearful of 
the perverse laws that deny good communication to "protect" the 

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