BF2 linux server libc

Thomas Kuerten nospam at
Tue Nov 29 18:52:23 EST 2005

Hi all,

I think I remember that one day we had a solution for this on this list 
for bf1942, so I am asking now for BF2:

All BF2 linuxded versions are too new for my poor old RedHat 8 linux 
server (with loads of update patches).

It tells me:

[thomas at ottifant bf2]$ ./
/home/thomas/BF2/bf2/bin/ia-32/bf2: /usr/lib/ version 
`GLIBCPP_3.2.2' not found (required by /home/thomas/BF2/bf2/bin/ia-32/bf2)

Do you have any hint for me to come around that ? I recall updating 
GLIBC to be a pain in the a**, so maybe there is another way with some 
temporary linked libraries ?

Alternatively I would look for the statically linked libraries, that 
Andreas mentions in the README, but I cannot find one ?

Please help !


Timo Hilbertz schrieb:
> ./ +modPath mods/xpack
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>>hi guys.
>>i installed now the new server, but i dont know how to start the xpack!
>>i see there are a mapcycle and serversettings, too.
>>and where can i see the options for ./ ??? i think there are
>>more options for this.
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