[bf1942] BF2 10 player start limit

cameron at aberdeenlanparty.co.uk cameron at aberdeenlanparty.co.uk
Mon Nov 21 18:00:20 EST 2005

u also might want to get EVE Online its huge, plenty of PvP if u want. just 
pay per month and download the game for free, they are constantly updating 
the game and adding content and u dont get charged for expansion packs. Its 
not perfect but compaired to ea games its paradise

ohh and put eagames version to the wall, funilly enough they buggered up 
that as well :P


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>> And the fact that it is possible and very easy to implement this
>> "feature" but hasn't been implemented anyway is the cause that I rarely
>> play BF2 anymore and DO NOT intent to buy the expansion pack. (I'm proud
>> to tell that I can't even recall the name of it :-P )
> I'm going to use the money to buy WoW. I hear that they're about to come 
> out with new content and many on my team are switching to it. I might also 
> get a Planetside subscription.
>> Just as a side note I do not blame any employee or department of either
>> EA or DICE. However I do blame those two organisations as a whole.
> Someone had to make the decision.
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