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Bottom line..don't buy the game. I'm the owner of a GSP and I'm telling you
to not by the game. Don't buy the expansion packs based on the same concept
or anything else that assists in them sipping Margaritas on a beach
somewhere while you're posting on forums to look for help to questions that
can't be answered. The requirement for me to run 10 FREE servers to the
community while only getting one sale forces us to make the prices high. We
are mandated to run another server for each block amount sold. I'd love to
see nothing better than for BF2 to die. Not because of it's lack of
potential but because of the way it's being forced on the community. The
more games you buy in this area only goes to fuel their efforts to take your
money and give little in return. The technical developers did a fine job of
coding the game but the ranked portion of this game is going to be, as it
already is, the complete downfall of BF2. I suggest you don't pay me or
anyone else to host a ranked server. I encourage you to get with your group
and create custom content to help make the Unranked BF2 server flourish. The
problem directly lies in clans/groups succumbing to the pressure from EA to
buy ranked servers. They in turn make money from your players that buy the
game and the hosting companies that you get your servers from. Not directly
mind you but it advances their hold on how their game is played and in what
arena it's played in. 


Think of the logic.online games are fun because of their competitive edge.
So.COMPETE!! Don't get a ranked server at all..don't join one.don't let your
buddies play in one. Individual ranking of a player in a TEAM-based game is
completely destructive to begin with. The moron that decided it was a good
idea should publish his home address so we can collectively kick his ass.
Propogate your REAL interests and don't fall to the lure of individual
stats. Did you join/start your clan/group to be the top dog or did you
join/start it to play with friends, have a good time and maybe kick some ass
of another team/clan/group?


Consider what YOU want from your online time and act based on those desires.
Don't just do what others due.then you're just another robot of the machine
that is EA.


Ray S. 



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That would be better but I think it is ridiculous to be paying good $ for a
server and have a startup limit imposed.



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ScratchMonkey schreef: 

You can't play when the server first starts up? When did that change? You
can't accumulate stat points before you reach 10, but you should be able to
do more than "nothing". 

If I'm correct he means that you have to wait for 10 people to get on the
server to be capable of even capturing a flag or have the "round-stats" (not
ranked stats) account for kills/etc made.

And I do think, actually I'm quite sure of it, that it is possible to remove
that "the game will start when x more player(s) join"-message and let people
play _unranked_ as long as there aren't x players on the server. Which would
be an acceptable (read highly apreciated) alternative to me (and many

And the fact that it is possible and very easy to implement this "feature"
but hasn't been implemented anyway is the cause that I rarely play BF2
anymore and DO NOT intent to buy the expansion pack. (I'm proud to tell that
I can't even recall the name of it :-P )

Just as a side note I do not blame any employee or department of either EA
or DICE. However I do blame those two organisations as a whole.

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