[bf1942] Players needed to start the game ...

Mike Swain mjswain at charter.net
Fri Nov 11 15:45:37 EST 2005

Building up a community around a game server you admin has several benefits.
You meet some interesting people and feel good about contributing something
to the gaming community that you spend a lot of time in. And if your a good
admin you are able to create a fair and fun environment where you and others
dont have to worry about the brats that often ruin the game for others.
Also, I'm not an uber l33t gamer that has 4-6hrs a day to spend scrimming to 
compete with my team in cal. I'm an average player who enjoys playing the game 
with the community I build up around my game server. 
I suspect EA also does not understand what many of us admins are looking
to do when we put up a game server. However if EA does understand then
shame on them for implimenting the BF2 ranked servers the way they did.


>>> James Gurney<james at globalmegacorp.org> 11/11/05 1:46 PM >>>
On 11/11/2005 10:38 AM, Philipp Stader wrote:
> reading this Mailing List for few weeks now i still don't see the reason 
> why you guys are trying to get your servers full? Don't get me wrong. 
> This is not meant as bitching but it seriously interests my why it 
> bothers you guys if you server is empty? Hardware + Bandwidth all cost 
> money etc.

I can't speak for anyone else, but building a community of gamers is the 
reason we do it in the first place. We also want a server we can run the 
way we want to. If we had to pay to rent a server, it would actually 
cost us more than our current costs ($0/mo).


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