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Welcome to the world of ranked BF2 :P

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boy that sounds like fun, waiting an hour before you can play.

At 08:14 AM 11/11/2005, you wrote:
>I would suggest patience.  If I were on a 16 player server that suddenly
>dropped my connection, I would be looking for another server before yours
>restarted.  Most players should know by now that it takes a certain number
>of players before a ranked game will start, and many will wait on a good
>server.  On our 50 player server it can run below 10 for an hour before
>enough show up, but as soon as it gets above that mark, it shoots right up
>to the max quickly. I know it's hard to see it empty, but if your server is
>stable and on a good pipe they will come.  Stable being the key.  :)
>Good luck!
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>Hi list,
>I have noticed that with the ranked server you cannot configure the minimum
>number of players needed below a certain number. For instance, if you have
>32 player server, you need 10 people to start the game, with a 16 player
>server, you need 6. I can understand that EA wants this to keep the stats a
>little bit in check. However, it does make it very difficult to fill up a
>ranked server.
>The current system we use on our 32 slot server is to start as a 16 player
>slot server, wait till it fills up and reboot it as a 32 slot server hoping
>that everbody will rejoin .... which is often not the case :-( Is there any
>better way todo this? Can we change the maximum number of players supported
>by the server without disconnecting all the clients? Or is there some other
>way to get around this server player bootstrap problem?
>With kind regards,
>Anton Jansen

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