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Anton Jansen gradius at
Thu Nov 10 14:53:15 EST 2005

Hi list,

I have noticed that with the ranked server you cannot configure the 
minimum number of players needed below a certain number. For instance, 
if you have a 32 player server, you need 10 people to start the game, 
with a 16 player server, you need 6. I can understand that EA wants this 
to keep the stats a little bit in check. However, it does make it very 
difficult to fill up a ranked server.

The current system we use on our 32 slot server is to start as a 16 
player slot server, wait till it fills up and reboot it as a 32 slot 
server hoping that everbody will rejoin .... which is often not the case 
:-( Is there any better way todo this? Can we change the maximum number 
of players supported by the server without disconnecting all the 
clients? Or is there some other
way to get around this server player bootstrap problem?

With kind regards,

Anton Jansen

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