[bf1942] bf2web.gamespy.com

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Thu Nov 10 03:36:06 EST 2005

Ok, but I can't access it from many remote sites that wouldn't be banned for
any reason at all..

Agent is being reported as "GameSpyHTTP/1.0", and I've double checked that
from my php code AND the agents reported by clients requesting my clan's
server logo.

For example, I was trying this link:

I guess I'll start sniffing..This just seems too odd though thus far.

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As far as I can see they have filtered the querystrings and allow only
those query strings which are exactly requested by Battlefield. So just
a couple of the many possible querystrings now work. For instance the
following still works, because BF2.exe uses it:

The following used to work, but doesn't anymore, because BF2.exe doesn't
use it anywhere:

The golden rule stays: use ethereal to read the communications and
immitate those communications exactly.

And: mind the User-Agent, should be GamespyHTTP/1.0 or something like
that. And some ips, like one of mine, are banned.

Jorrit Schippers

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