[bf1942] Issues regarding "ranked servers"

Cream lists at donut.dk
Sat May 14 09:25:41 EDT 2005

Frode H wrote:
> But players tend to STAY on the servers they use to play on,
> until they somehow is "forcede" to switch. I'll give you a good
> example: We had Norway's most popular DC-server. Then we
> had to move it to a new computer, giving it a new IP. Overnight
> the server empteid, and has never regained popularity, even
> though our community was made aware of the change, and
> we had LOTS of players trying to keep it alive.

I can fully agree with this, a servers' popularity (measured by how many 
players are playing) is directly linked with how many people have it in 
their favourite lists. (Kali, GameSpy, ASE, ingame, etc.).

It takes regular players/admins to "jump start" it when its empty, and 
then the rest "semi" regular players who have it in favourites to fill it.

Anyone who have had to move IP (or even port) of a popular server should 
be able to attest to this.

- Kris

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