[bf1942] Issues regarding "ranked servers"

Luke luke at techfreak.org
Fri May 13 11:06:03 EDT 2005

I agree 100%

This 'ranked' server issue seems to me to be a game-killer.


Michael Ressen said:
> Frode H wrote:
>>>Your unofficial server may choose to use the ranking from the official
>>>servers for unlocks, so once a player has unlocked a weapon by enough
>>> kills
>>>(?) on official servers, they can freely play on your unofficial server
>>> and
>>>select that unlocked weapon if they choose (again, only if you allow it
>>> in
>>>your server settings).
>> But players tend to STAY on the servers they use to play on,
>> until they somehow is "forcede" to switch. I'll give you a good
>> example: We had Norway's most popular DC-server. Then we
>> had to move it to a new computer, giving it a new IP. Overnight
>> the server empteid, and has never regained popularity, even
>> though our community was made aware of the change, and
>> we had LOTS of players trying to keep it alive.
>> So the argument "people will come play at unranked servers
>> once they have unlocked on ranked ones" just doesn't hold
>> in my oppinion.
>>>Also, having played the game for a few hours, the M16 is not in any way
>>>weak.  It has (as is 'realistic') both a single shot mode and a three
>>> shot
>>>burst mode.
>> Beside the point. The *vast* majority of player would want to
>> unlock EVERYTHING as soon as possible. That's just the
>> nature of us humans, isn't it. We're desperately seeking to
>> remove stuff that is holding us back.
>>>The inability to go full auto is actually a noob friendly
>>>option, preventing inexperienced players from firing most of their clip
>>> into
>>>the roof / sky.
>> I mean no offence, but now I think you are being borderline
>> patronising here. N00bs are not stupid, only inexperienced.
>>> As a very experienced BF1942 / DC player, I found it more
>>>than a match for the AK101 used by the MEC players.
>> I would like to see you go head on with a burs-action rifle in
>> close combat with someone with a full auto rifle. But then, this
>> is hardly the point here. The point is that in my belief, the vast
>> majority of players will prefer ranked servers to unlock the
>> goodies, and they will stay there.
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> I had similar experiences when I moved BF, DC, and BF:V server IP's.
> They never regained the popularity they had.   Players will not type in
> an IP, they will only browse the list, using gamespy, or ASE.   If
> servers are filtered, or suddenly 'not there' (due to a filter applied
> during a patch), they will not come back, and they will not look for
> their server.
> I agree there needs to be a way to tie the unlock weapons to any running
> server, or allow all weapons unconditionally.   It's a simple
> server-side switch.   Please give us that functionality.
> /BA

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And make sure to have shadow passwords, skeleton accounts, zombie
processes and ghostscript too.

Also run SATAN, a security testing program (isn't that ironic, makes
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Allow hosts of which's.

And make sure there are no nice processes.
Oh, and don't forget to replace true with false."

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