[bf1942] Issues regarding "ranked servers"

Frode H panic at battlefield.no
Fri May 13 10:06:31 EDT 2005

>Your unofficial server may choose to use the ranking from the official 
>servers for unlocks, so once a player has unlocked a weapon by enough kills 
>(?) on official servers, they can freely play on your unofficial server and 
>select that unlocked weapon if they choose (again, only if you allow it in 
>your server settings).
But players tend to STAY on the servers they use to play on,
until they somehow is "forcede" to switch. I'll give you a good
example: We had Norway's most popular DC-server. Then we
had to move it to a new computer, giving it a new IP. Overnight
the server empteid, and has never regained popularity, even
though our community was made aware of the change, and
we had LOTS of players trying to keep it alive.

So the argument "people will come play at unranked servers
once they have unlocked on ranked ones" just doesn't hold
in my oppinion.

>Also, having played the game for a few hours, the M16 is not in any way 
>weak.  It has (as is 'realistic') both a single shot mode and a three shot 
>burst mode. 
Beside the point. The *vast* majority of player would want to
unlock EVERYTHING as soon as possible. That's just the
nature of us humans, isn't it. We're desperately seeking to
remove stuff that is holding us back.

> The inability to go full auto is actually a noob friendly 
>option, preventing inexperienced players from firing most of their clip into 
>the roof / sky.
I mean no offence, but now I think you are being borderline
patronising here. N00bs are not stupid, only inexperienced.

>  As a very experienced BF1942 / DC player, I found it more 
>than a match for the AK101 used by the MEC players.
I would like to see you go head on with a burs-action rifle in
close combat with someone with a full auto rifle. But then, this
is hardly the point here. The point is that in my belief, the vast
majority of players will prefer ranked servers to unlock the
goodies, and they will stay there.

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