[bf1942] Issues regarding "ranked servers"

Brendan Cosman bcosman at bigpond.net.au
Fri May 13 07:50:37 EDT 2005

I'm unqualified to comment on the rest of your email, because in Australia 
the vast majority of BF/DC/BFV servers are hosted by ISPs, which have almost 
certainly made accomodations with EA to provide official servers.

However, a couple of things:

Your unofficial server may choose to use the ranking from the official 
servers for unlocks, so once a player has unlocked a weapon by enough kills 
(?) on official servers, they can freely play on your unofficial server and 
select that unlocked weapon if they choose (again, only if you allow it in 
your server settings).

Also, having played the game for a few hours, the M16 is not in any way 
weak.  It has (as is 'realistic') both a single shot mode and a three shot 
burst mode.  The inability to go full auto is actually a noob friendly 
option, preventing inexperienced players from firing most of their clip into 
the roof / sky.  As a very experienced BF1942 / DC player, I found it more 
than a match for the AK101 used by the MEC players.

Again, I'm not trying to minimise your concerns, because they are foreign to 
me and my experience, I'm just trying to provide a little more information 
for you to draw upon.


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> But since we allready know about locking of weapons, and since I now 
> assume
> that the M16 rifle is locked to single-shot until you reach a certain rank
> point threshold, I will say this: I thinks this is madness! This is 
> creating an
> uneven battlefield that is newbie hostile. And furthermore it will, as I 
> said
> earlier, allmost certainly guarantee that anyone serious about their BF2 
> gaming
> will restrict their playing to ranked servers. Everybody wants the 
> juiciest
> weapons! Top that with the competitivness of gamers matched with the 
> ranking
> system, and I'm sure my claim holds. 

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