[bf1942] Bandwidth advice

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Tue May 10 12:37:43 EDT 2005

On Tue, 10 May 2005, Michael Ressen wrote:

> Andreas Andersson wrote:
>> The figures for BF2 is roughly:
>> 12kB/s upstream per player
>> 3kB/s downstream per player
>> For 64 players that means 768 upstream and 192 downstream.
>> These are theoretical estimates, but it will give you some clue on what
>> the server will require.
>> /Andreas
> So, converting it's:
> 96kb up
> 24kb down
> (6144 kb up = 4.42 T1's.)
> Need an OC3 for this then, as the bandwidth is even higher than BF:V.  :(
> I think most of us measure in bits, not bytes.   At least my routers do
> /BA

6144 Kbit is 6.144 Megabit.  OC3 is 155 Mbit.  You won't need an OC3 but 
it sure would be nice ;).  However, what you will need is at least 6, 
preferable 10 Mbit (to deal with map load bursts) of upstream bandwidth.

96Kb up is not too much additional from my original bf42 server admin FAQ 
reccomendation of 50-80Kb per client (iirc).  From that:

"As a rough rule of thumb, each player requires anywhere from 50 to 80 
KBps. You need a *minimum* of a T1 to support a 16 player server, dual T1 
(3 Mb) for a 32 player server, and just over 6 Mb for a 64 player server 
(although that can hit up to 7 or 8 Mb/sec depending on how many people 
are connecting and downloading maps)."

Looks like the max you should ever put on a T1 hasn't really changed; 16 
players.  Anything beyond that you should put the server in a facility 
which can give you aggregate upstream bandwidth of 2Mbit or higher.


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