[bf1942] Since we now have our new Andreas ;)

Andreas Andersson andreas.andersson at dice.se
Fri May 6 09:51:41 EDT 2005

I'm afraid BF2 does not support any of that. :/

Apperently, they thought about it, but felt that it would steal to much
bandwidth from the server and affect the game-experience for the others
on the server.

The redirect feature would have solved that I guess, but we do not have
time to implement that now. Sorry!


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Many engines offer a redirect feature, to redirect anyone without the
map to
an offsite location containing the requested resources, as to not strain
game server itself.

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agreed. While BF maps tend to be large and mass downloading of maps
could place a strain on resources, this would be a huge help to the
mapping/mod community.

On 5/4/05, Neal Clayton <xayd at vae-victus.org> wrote:
> Not that there's anything wrong with our old Andreas, <3 for looking
> for us FreeBSD people, but some questions...
> It would be nice for BF2 to allow the sending of custom maps within
> client and server, has this been implemented by any chance?  A big
> hindrance to custom maps and mods in BF'42 was the fact that they were
> not available for use on public servers, because people don't get them
> pushed from the game server when they connect like they do with UT and
> Quake engine games, for instance.
> This ability (coupled with the option to redirect the download to a
> webserver somewhere else) would be a big help, and would also prolong
> the game's longevity as well, since people would have alot more custom
> content out there to play when the stock maps and gametypes get stale.

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