[bf1942] BF2 linux server at launch

Andreas Andersson andreas.andersson at dice.se
Thu May 5 05:21:29 EDT 2005

Sorry for the delay, but here we go!

The bf2-server does not recreate its process on map-change.

I'm afraid I cannot release anything from the game before it is
released, not even config-files. I would most likely get a one-way
ticket to the guillotine if I did :)

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Not strictly true, it should run just fine under FreeBSD like all other
servers ( Linux ABI ) just would have been nice to see a native port :)

Does the BF2 server remove the process recreation on map change?
This was / is a pain for BF.
Is it too early to ask for a set of sample config files / command line
options? I ask as I know this was an area that was a bit lacking
in the initial BF version so always good to get our hands on them to
see if there are anything's missing :)

    Steve / K
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From: "Andreas Andersson" <andreas.andersson at dice.se>

> Anyway I know there where murmurings a while back of FreeBSD
> binary as well as Linux one, is this still on the cards?

Right now we are only working on the linux-port so I'm afraid we won't
support FreeBSD :(


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