[bf1942] BF2 linux server at launch

Andreas Andersson andreas.andersson at dice.se
Wed May 4 07:31:53 EDT 2005

That's great news :) I'll try compiling on FreeBSD and see how things
work out.

/The other Andreas

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On 5/4/05, Andreas Andersson <andreas.andersson at dice.se> wrote:

> I will most likely not have the time to do a native port, but I will
> install FreeBSD here and see how things work out with the Linux ABI
> Steven was talking about.

I did start work on a native FreeBSD port, and had it running on the
release 5 series sometime as late as January, so maybe it hasn't
rotted to far. This might be useful to know if ABI compatibility
doesn't work out for some reason.

// Andreas

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