[bf1942] EA just cancelled the SDK for BF2

Neal Clayton xayd at vae-victus.org
Tue Mar 22 16:46:03 EST 2005

EA has NOT shown alot of mod support.

Look at the difference in what you get with UT and what you get from 
EA.  It's night and day.

With EA you get apps that there are already freeware alternatives for, 
and a buggy incomplete map editor.

With UT you get a complete and excellently documented editor, a full DVD 
of modeling/mapping tutorials, a fully documented scripting engine on 
top of the game's engine that can be used to modify/create virtually 
anything you choose, and the last time I checked free plugins for Maya 
to easily import and export models and textures with.  And the kicker is 
the UT client and server actually support mod and mutator distribution 
via the game.  As long as battlefield does not it'll be for the most 
part a joke for mods.  Only the big and well publicized mods will ever 
be played (and on an infinitely smaller scale than the stock game), 
whereas with UT any number of mods and mutators that improve gameplay 
can be used in any combination that server admins choose, and it's 
transparent to the player either way.  And then the final nail in the 
coffin is how poorly punkbuster is integrated with EAs engine, how bad 
the network performance is with Punkbuster present, and how you're stuck 
with it because there's no way for the community to write its own 
(superior) cheat detection applications and use them as game mutators.

Lest you forget, there was no documentation for the engine used for 
BF'42 concerning mods.  The original mods were done from what people had 
been able to figure out on their own with no help from EA whatsoever.

Trust me, EA's engine and support of independant mod developers is a 
drop in the bucket compared to what a person gets when buying a game 
from Valve or Epic.

Sebastian Kleye wrote:

> Sorry, but even DC in BF42 brought up a new "push" gameplay mode (it 
> is now implemented in BF2)...the possibilities in tweaking the 
> engine's physics should be clear for all the mod teams! All mods in 
> BF42 or BFV are basing on the same technics after all and if somebody 
> thinks a mod intended for the BF engine will be better in maybe HL2 or 
> UT then please switch! I would never play something like PoE or 
> Forgotten Hope on another engine and I cannot imagine what can be made 
> better on other engines with this kind of mods...
> There should be a lot of space for the mod-devs to act around. If 
> not...then you can start a petition for releasing somthing SDKish but 
> please wait til the game and the Battlefield Editor is released! 
> EA/DICE has already shown a lot of mod support in the past times.
> For me I cannot imagine which hyperüberspecialities a SDK would give 
> to us?! I could live with the basic conquest and push modes.
> regards
> Sebastian
> yokai wrote:
>> this is in german only so far:
>> http://www.edgedimension.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=214&mode=&order=0&thold=0 

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