[bf1942] EA just cancelled the SDK for BF2

Sebastian Kleye sebastian.kleye at web.de
Tue Mar 22 12:19:54 EST 2005

Sorry, but even DC in BF42 brought up a new "push" gameplay mode (it is 
now implemented in BF2)...the possibilities in tweaking the engine's 
physics should be clear for all the mod teams! All mods in BF42 or BFV 
are basing on the same technics after all and if somebody thinks a mod 
intended for the BF engine will be better in maybe HL2 or UT then please 
switch! I would never play something like PoE or Forgotten Hope on 
another engine and I cannot imagine what can be made better on other 
engines with this kind of mods...
There should be a lot of space for the mod-devs to act around. If 
not...then you can start a petition for releasing somthing SDKish but 
please wait til the game and the Battlefield Editor is released! EA/DICE 
has already shown a lot of mod support in the past times.
For me I cannot imagine which hyperüberspecialities a SDK would give to 
us?! I could live with the basic conquest and push modes.



yokai wrote:

> this is in german only so far:
> http://www.edgedimension.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=214&mode=&order=0&thold=0 

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