[bf1942] Something that has come up with server settings, and a reccomendation..

Markus Thurlin thurlin at algonet.se
Wed Mar 9 16:27:09 EST 2005

> Unless you die, you don't see the spawn time.  So a team who was on the
> defensive could change the spawn time to 0 and instantly respawn at a
> flag if they all died there, and unless you wait through 2 respawn
> cycles AFTER you die, you won't notice it.

You see when soldiers spawn in the scoreboard and ingame, that way you see
the spawn even if you are not dead.
If you are somewhat skilled, you know in advance all times when there is a
spawn by looking at the clock (ie 19:35, 19:10, 18:45 etc if you have 20 min
roundtime and 20+5 in spawntime). If something doesnt add up, you know
somebody has changed the settings.

Furthermore, changing the spawntime does not affect until the current
spawnwave is finished. So, if you die and get 20 sec in spawntime, it doesnt
matter what you set the spawntime to, it will count down from 20 and the
_next_ spawnwave it will be the new spawntime.

> The spawn time recycles at a constant rate throughout the match, it's
> not a set time after you die.  So if you die in the middle of the spawn
> time and it's set to say 15 seconds or 10 seconds (the most common
> league settings), you'll see a spawn time of 5 to 8.  Only if you wait
> and miss your next spawn will you see the MAXIMUM possible spawn time.
> So a team could change it to 5 (or less even) if they knew that an
> attack was coming on their last flag, for instance, and unless someone
> on the opposing team waited through and missed a spawn after they died,
> they wouldn't know.  If you die and see a 5 second timer for all you
> know you're just in the middle of the 15 or 10 second spawn window.

As stated above, you know at what times there are spawnwaves, if they dont
match then somebody changed the setting..

> And even if you did wait and miss a spawn, there's no way in game to
> prove this.  A screenshot showing a 5 second spawn time means nothing,
> you can take one that says that after 10 or 5 seconds have elapsed.

A screenshot showing a 5 second spawn with the time YY:XX (depending on the
correct spawnsettings) on the clock proves that the spawntime is tampered

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