[bf1942] Something that has come up with server settings, and a reccomendation..

thurlin at algonet.se thurlin at algonet.se
Wed Mar 9 05:52:23 EST 2005

Well, you will notice right away if someone changes spawntime, so no need 
to broadcast that.
As for friendly fire, its a bit trickier to spot unless you either shoot 
your teammates now and then, but as soon as you notice that the enemys grenades/bombs 
dont hurt their own players you have a case...

So, my point is that these foul "tactics" are really easy to spot, and comparing 
the risk of getting caught versus the probable gain...I dont think any clan 
in their right mind would even consider it.

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Datum: Mar 9, 2005 5:45:58 AM
Till: bf1942 at icculus.org
Ärende: Re: [bf1942] Something that has come up with server settings, and 
a reccomendation..

Spawntime and friendly fire, think about it.

1) change spawntime to 0 or 1 or 5 or something tiny when you get into 
defensive mode, so even if you start to lose a flag you get respawns 
before it goes grey
2) change friendlyfire if you lose a tank and have to clear a tank off 
of a flag with infantry, free grenade spam without having to worry about 
team killing.

These can be changed on the fly without a restart, and clearly affect 
match play.

I see nothing wrong with a broadcast of a setting being changed to the 
chat window.  If there are legitimate reasons for changing these in a 
pub, then broadcasting the changes when they're made is the only way, imo. 

Markus Thurlin wrote:

>If the setting affects gameplay so much, the team would notice the change
>I mean, there are not so many on-the-fly changes that would really affect
>Free/chasecam, friendlyfire, allow nosecam/externalviews, roundtime
>etc...they all are easy to spot.
>Unless you tell us the exact setting you are worried about, we cant help 
>Im afraid.
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>>This shouldn't be surprising, nor should it be surprising that it only
>>came up late in a game's competitive lifespan, since newb teams that 
>>one has heard of are the only people who will pull this stuff, to try to
>>win newb matches that no one cares about except themselves ;).
>>Either way, there are settings that can be changed "on the fly" without
>>restarting the current map on the bf'42 server, possibly bf:v server 
>>well since they're similar.  No need to mention what they are, suffice
>>to say that they are plenty to affect the outcome of a match.
>>Any setting that affects gameplay should require a map restart to take
>>effect.  If there's a reason for settings to be changed on the fly,
>>changes to server settings should be broadcast to all players when
>>they're made.  The reasons are pretty obvious, it's not feasible to
>>constantly query the server to make sure the game's settings are not
>>being changed on you while you're playing.

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