[bf1942] Something that has come up with server settings, and a reccomendation..

Anton Jansen gradius at fmf.nl
Wed Mar 9 05:10:02 EST 2005

Hi list,

First of all, I think this is an issue that BF2 should tackle and is 
rather easy to achieve. BF1942 and BFV are no longer maintained, so I 
don't see any options there.

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, Neal Clayton wrote:

> And a "match" list of settings wouldn't really be beneficial, since 
> different leagues have different rules (some have different nametag 
> distances, some have crosshair restrictions, etc.).  

I totally agree, there are even more problems, as match settings have the 
tendency to evolve on their own as well, due to new options in the game 
etc. etc.

> The real problem is there's no way to catch it and prove it to someone 
> not in the game.  If these changes were broadcast to the chat window, a 
> simple screenshot would be all the proof you need that settings were 
> altered during a match.

Yep, I would even take it one step further. I would be very nice if the 
game supported a kind of "match" mode, in this mode the players should be 
notified of any command/chance made in the settings. I know Andreas has 
been busy with making a lovely server side python API, so there are 
basically two options:

1. The "match" mode is built-in to the game and can be turned on/off by 
the python API. 

2. The "match" mode is created in a server side mod by the community

Option 1 has the benefit that you can be sure that the server side mod is
not compromised, downside is that it needs to be developed and maintained
by Dice/EA. Option 2 has the benefit that EA/Dice doesn't have to put in
any effort and we can expect relatively short development cycles. However,
option 2 is inherently less secure, as the server side mod can easily be
modified for cheating. I would like to know very much how Andreas thinks 
to deal with this ..... ;-)

With kind regards,

Anton Jansen

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