[bf1942] Server-update update

Michael Ressen netadmin at michiganburbs.com
Wed Jun 29 12:06:01 EDT 2005

Joe wrote:
> It still baffles me how the first two builds were cleared through this
> intensive of a QA process..

The moral that is consistently lost on those at EA is most of these 
troubles could have been avoided if the release candidate had been given 
to this group to test back in early-mid May.   The demo clients could 
have been made available, well before the actual release, and we would 
have found these errors sooner, and allowed for correction and continued 
testing prior to the actual release.   Now 3 weeks later, there are 
still major issues and non-working server builds, which is impeding the 
community acceptance of the game.

Hopefully one day someone over at EA actually 'gets it', and takes 10 
mins to implement such a testing program, as well as a properly 
supported server binary program.   How EA can authorize a Linux build, 
yet claim not to support it, is beyond me.


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