[bf1942] Sorting out the lag-issue

Andre Schackt anschack at broadpark.no
Wed Jun 29 07:36:39 EDT 2005

Good tip, we'll surely try disabling comm to see if any improvements. 

In my first post I failed to mention everything about our own servers: they are unranked at the moment, and if someone wondered: running the 64-bit version. PB is on, and VoIP is on.

Have people (who's experiencing this lag) tried disabling PB and noticed improvements?  And anyone else tried Steven's suggestion with the VoIP and seen improvements?

Steven: if I understand you correctly: you're not seeing these issues at all?

Sussidal @ Battlefield.no

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From: Steven Hartland <killing at multiplay.co.uk>
Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 1:06 pm
Subject: Re: [bf1942] Sorting out the lag-issue

> Opterons deal with this much better than Xeons a 248 will easily do 
> a 64 player server
> where a Xeon 2.8 will struggle with a 32.
> Also for large servers the client is often the problem. BF2 is a 
> bandwidth hog in a major
> way. Often disabling comms on the client for large servers will 
> eliminate virtually all
> lag.
>    Steve / K

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