[bf1942] The game is popular! :-)

Andreas Andersson andreas.andersson at dice.se
Wed Jun 29 04:33:26 EDT 2005

It will be that way for the patch-update (not the "quick" one I did last
week). The demo and the 2442 installers released now installs both
versions, they end up in bin/ia-32 and bin/amd-64. 
start.sh chooses which to install based on the output of 'uname -m'. The
script is very simple, and it's easily "hacked" into running the 32-bit
version if you want that.

But why would you want to run the 32bit binary when you have a 64bit
machine? I'm just curious :)


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On 6/28/2005 7:57 PM, Steven Hartland wrote:
> Running opterons doesn't mean u have to run the 64 bit build :)
> All ours run the 32bit version atm.

That's a bloody good point. How do you get the 32 bit version? As I 
recall, Andreas said the installer only installs the appropriate version

based on the output of uname. Don't suppose you'd like to tgz your pb 
folder and send it to me would you? :)


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