[bf1942] win32 server crashes

Thong Tong theman1971 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 28 13:59:50 EDT 2005

I'll add my name and info to this list.

2 win32 unranked servers on different machines.  Both crashed every 6 hours 
when full.  Seems to crash often on Fushe Pass but really there isn't any 
pattern.  I've tried the following configurations:

Tried 64/48/32 players.
Tried 32-player maps/64-player maps.
Tried with and without bf2cc.
Tried setting bandwidthChoke.
Tried binding to physical CPUs.
Tried lowering VOIP quality.
Tried local VOIP server/remote VOIP server.
Tried no PB, no one connects.
Tried use machine's base IP and also tried multi-homing IP addresses.
Tried setting time limit/no time limit.

Nothing left to try...

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