win32 server crashes

Joe sechon at
Tue Jun 28 13:04:20 EDT 2005

Let's leave the linux topic for their fix and discuss this in a new subject.

It seems a lot of folks are seeing very frequent win32 server crashes. Ours
has been happening anywhere from once every 2-4 hours to repeating 3-4 times
within 30 minutes. I thought this started up with Friday's power issues here
in Chicago but I'm hearing from our guys this was ongoing before that.

Who else is seeing this? I don't have access to our dumps, and it is a
ranked server. My GSP is on this list, so I'm sure if something is needed he
can check it out.

I can't find any pattern myself, though a few of my guys are reporting that
it seems to happen 2-4 minutes after kicking people via bf2cc. I've wrote a
new rcon tool in php and we've moved onto that, so we'll see if its
bf2cc-related or not I guess. It occurs on random maps as well.

Not sure what else to add..Hopefully this is something fixed in that
upcoming patch....


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