[bf1942] Server-update update

Kingsley Foreman kingsley at internode.com.au
Tue Jun 28 05:48:40 EDT 2005

yer the beta releases worked wonders for bf1942 and bfv


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> Thanks for the update andreas. Im sure ur as irritated by the situation
> as the rest of us :(
> As we have found out, EA really don't have the skill set / resources to
> test this in a timely manor.
> Releasing to the list would not only give them qdos with the communality
> and hence potentially increased sales, it would give then access to
> people who can and will find any issues quickly. People here run
> servers day in day out and they know exactly what to look for and
> how to report issues.
> I remember when bf1942 server was released Andreas F released
> a number of patches to us very quickly and that resulted in a stable
> server much quicker than any internal QA testing could possibly have
> done.
> It would be a very good idea for the peps at EA to consider doing
> the releases to the list flagging them as BETA then people know what
> to expect. If all goes well then do a full release. They can even continue
> to test internally while we test externally.
>    Steve / K
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> From: "Andreas Andersson" <andreas.andersson at dice.se>
> Hello,
> Yesterday QA confirmed that the fix I sent them does indeed fix the
> problem.
> ....
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