[bf1942] We REALLY need the BF2 Python API

Andrew Armstrong andrewa at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jun 26 23:01:40 EDT 2005

I currently have the default admin script from BF2CC, and dont want to lose 
its functionality.

Can I use your high ping kick script w/o using your modified admin script, 
which would have to replace BF2CC's?

- Plasma

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From: "Frode H" <panic at battlefield.no>
To: <bf1942 at icculus.org>
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 9:54 AM
Subject: Re: [bf1942] We REALLY need the BF2 Python API

> There has been a couple of questions about our ping kick
> script, and so Einar (Kybber) has created a script category on the FOM 
> wiki:
> http://bf2.fun-o-matic.org/index.php/Scripts
> And we finally managed to brush up our code so that we dared to release it 
> to the public. We haven't gotten an answer from Andreas about the 
> copyright, but I'm hoping that it's ok. If not I just have to remove it I 
> suppose. Our two scripts
> Modified admin script that offers logging and more.
> http://bf2.fun-o-matic.org/index.php/Scripts:Modified_admin_script
> Script for kicking high pingers:
> http://bf2.fun-o-matic.org/index.php/Scripts:Kicking_for_high_ping
> More documentation will follow, but right now the missis is lying in bed, 
> and I'm not all that popular...
> Anyway, have a ball, gentlemen :-)
> P.S. Priv message on the fun-o-matic bf2 wiki:
>> No offence to you guys, but could you possibly keep your
>>  "vapourware" (I doubt it's that, but it feels like the best term) off
>> the wiki until you're actually ready to post it? There's two
>> "scripts" on that page now that belong to you that don't even
>> exist
>> Cheers Boff
> Hey...be patient man............ Sometimes stuff take longer than
> you expect, right? 

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