[bf1942] We REALLY need the BF2 Python API

Frode H panic at battlefield.no
Sun Jun 26 19:54:47 EDT 2005

There has been a couple of questions about our ping kick
script, and so Einar (Kybber) has created a script category on the FOM wiki:


And we finally managed to brush up our code so that we dared to release it to the public. We haven't gotten an answer from Andreas about the copyright, but I'm hoping that it's ok. If not I just have to remove it I suppose. Our two scripts 

Modified admin script that offers logging and more.

Script for kicking high pingers:

More documentation will follow, but right now the missis is lying in bed, and I'm not all that popular...

Anyway, have a ball, gentlemen :-)

P.S. Priv message on the fun-o-matic bf2 wiki:
> No offence to you guys, but could you possibly keep your
>  "vapourware" (I doubt it's that, but it feels like the best term) off
> the wiki until you're actually ready to post it? There's two
> "scripts" on that page now that belong to you that don't even
> exist
> Cheers Boff 

Hey...be patient man............ Sometimes stuff take longer than
you expect, right?

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