gmane gateway and list archives...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sun Jun 26 19:02:05 EDT 2005


Wolfgang Schnerring set up a gmane gateway to this mailing list, which I 
think is a great idea, so I sent them the mailing list archives (all 
10400+ messages of it). GMane now has the entire posting history of this 
list, plus it'll continue to stay current with new posts.

What this means:

You can now use this mailing list via a usenet browser...

...Or the web...

...or just keep using it as normal. I'm not sure how posting through 
those interfaces works, but they claim it does. If it starts leaking 
spam onto the list, I'll have them disable posting, which means it'll 
still function as an alternate way to read the list, and a good 
archiving solution.

Our own crappy web archives of the mailing list are here:

These will continue to function, too, but the user interface is fairly 
limiting, so gmane is likely a better solution for most people that want 
to dig into the archives.


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