[bf1942] Voting options

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Sun Jun 26 16:50:54 EDT 2005

We need more voting options. Disabling voting is global for all sorts of
votes including voting off the current commander, kick voting, and map
voting. We'd like to take out kick and map voting, leaving mutiny open for
use. No can do how it's currently set up.

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From: Dave Snodgrass [mailto:packtloss at gmail.com]
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Subject: [bf1942] Voting options

Hey everyone, Im poking around, trying to get the number of votes
required to kick players to something thats actually attainable on a
pub server. The only options i can find are:  sv.votingEnabled  ,
sv.voteTime , sv.minPlayersForVoting
running strings and such on the binaries yeild nothing more. Any insight?

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