[bf1942] Battlerecorder

dackz lists at dackz.net
Sun Jun 26 16:09:53 EDT 2005

It's actually very trivial, but I just so happen to have a modified 
version of it prepared! It chmods all files 644 when it loops through 
them, and it won't try to move if your demo directory and target 
directory are the same (because you might be symlinking that directory 
to your web directory).

Here's a patch:

cd path/to/bf2/adminutils/demo
wget http://dackz.net/misc/code/rotate_demo/rotate_demo.py.patch
patch -p0 rotate_demo.py < rotate_demo.py.patch

Evan Bills wrote:
> Has anyone gotten the battlerecorder to work on their linux servers?
> I can get the files to move over, but the python script isn't setting
> the permissions correctly... I'm sure someone out here has a working
> 'rotate_demo.py' file.  ;-)

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