LOW (~1000) Profile IDs rpeorted by python

Paul Bowsher paul.bowsher at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 16:41:10 EDT 2005

Using this code:
	for sp in statsMap.itervalues():
		xmlfile.append('	<player name="%s" profileId="%s">' % (sp.name, sp.profileId))

I get this line:
<player name="defaultPlayer" profileId="1005">

I've verified that 'defaultPlayer' is a valid player, it only seems to
happen with a certain few players:


These players have multiple different profileIds. I know Swyft
persoanlly and know he isn't doing anything dodgy.

Anyone have any ideas?

Paul "Boffbowsh" Bowsher
Multiplay UK BF Server Team

Paul Bowsher
IT Systems Developer
Simply Stuck Ltd

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