AW: [bf1942] Autobalance code... (FIXED!)

Götz Klingelhöfer [KGN] tankmann at
Sat Jun 25 15:18:10 EDT 2005

Hey guys,

we searched some hours finding the problem with the autobalance. It is quite
easy =)

You need to update the file DEDICATEDDIR/admin/standard_admin/

Find the entry:
"host.registerHandler('PlayerConnect', onPlayerConnect)"
(this file is registering a callback function if a player connects

This did not work out yet but if you change the entry into:
"host.registerHandler('PlayerConnect', onPlayerConnect,1)" and everything
will work.

Hope this will help anybody out there!


--Goetz aka Tankmann
( // Official Ranked Servers Germany)

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> Von: Dave Snodgrass [mailto:packtloss at] 
> Gesendet: Samstag, 25. Juni 2005 21:02
> An: bf1942 at
> Betreff: [bf1942] Autobalance code...
> Anyone else running this code?:
> diff -rw
> bf2-linuxded-1.0.2442.0-ORIGINAL/admin/standard_admin/
> bf2-linuxded-1.0.2442.0/admin/standard_admin/
> 35a36,40
> > # Only balance with un-squadded players if p.isCommander(): return 
> > None if p.isSquadLeader(): return None if p.getSquadId() > 
> 0: return 
> > None
> >
> We went from an autobalancing server to one thats doing nothing.
> Chinese team has half the population of the american team - 
> And there isnt that many people in squads :)

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