[bf1942] ETA for new linux build?

HimmelHund himmelhund at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 02:39:15 EDT 2005

Yep... Community update 6-24-05:
NVIDIA LAN Party... very important to us this moment...

On 6/25/05, Nigel Smart <nigel.smart at tranceairwaves.com> wrote:
> This is the very latest update from the admins @ EA UK forums about the
> linux server, unfortunately, nothing we didn't really already know.
> The full release Linux server code is a known issue, and we believe the fix
> has been completed and simply needs to be made available for download,
> however this has not been confirmed.
> Keep an eye on the US site in case it goes live over the weekend. If not we
> will chase it as a priority on Monday.
> Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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