Win2003 BF2 Crashing and error pop-up

Thong Tong theman1971 at
Fri Jun 24 16:35:21 EDT 2005

I'm sorry if this has already been discussed. I'm new to the list and can't 
figure out how to retrieve the last 50 threads so I can catch up.

I run 2 64-player unranked servers, each on a dedicated server.  1 is a P4 
2.8Ghz, 2nd is a dual Xeon 2.8Ghz.  Both BF2 servers have been crashing 
every 5-6 hours.  Through all my testing I found that:

a) servers were always full at the time of crash

b) plenty of system resources availalble

c) whatever the current map was at time of crash, Dragon Valley was the one 
preceded it.  Both of my servers have crashed on Fushe Pass multiple times.  
Both had different map cycles except for the fact that Fushe Pass on each 
one was preceded by Dragon Valley.  I replaced Fushe Pass with Gulf of Oman. 
  The server then crashed on Oman.  Dragon Valley was the map right before 

d) I was able to capture this error...

Hopefully the error snapshot can help someone figure out the cause for all 
this crashing.


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