GS Query fix/addition requests

Rene Belloq rbelloq at
Fri Jun 24 16:24:58 EDT 2005

Hi there DICE (our two Andreas friends!),

I've been going over the Gamespy query output from the BF2 server and 
comparing it to the server setup and would like to request the following 

1) bf2_friendlyfire currently only returns a 0/1. Instead it should be 
whatever value the server administrator has it set at. I think this must be 
because the server it sending out an integer value, and it only hits '1' 
when the FF is set to 100%. If the FF is set below 100 on the server, the 
bf2_friendlyfire always returns 0.

2) Include all friendly fire values (vehicle, spash, vehicle splash)

3) Include the VoIP port, VoIP password required 0/1, remote VoIP IP 

4) Include # TK's required to get a kick

5) The current value for "roundtime" is returning the number of rounds per 
map. That should proabably really be roundtimeremaining and be returning the 
number of seconds left in the match if a timelimit is set. The value for the 
roundspermap should still be included, however, probably as a different 

6) Include a 0/1 value (off/on) for free cam, ext. views, nose cam, hit ind. 

7) Include the 0/1 value for internet yes/no

8) Include the welcome message

Thanks very much for considering these requests!

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