[bf1942] Disconnecting after every round

kama kama at pvp.se
Thu Jun 23 17:18:28 EDT 2005

If this where a normal update I would agree. But not a fix. Apperently it
is working as it should on the test bed and probably have for quite some

Lets have a look at valve. They made a update release and there where
reports of a problem and valve released a fix within an hour or two.

Also this is only a game. Its not like its a mail server farm for a large
ISP where the product they offer needs to be working for 99.999% for each
release. They are not getting sued for releasing a non working product.

I also believe that a more direct approach to the development team is much
more productive way to solve problems. I rather have to upgrade the server
5 times within an hour, than wait a day or two for a couple of lousy
betatesters to approve of the code for a simple hot fix.


On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, Luke wrote:

> I was poking fun earlier, but seriously - these things have to go through
> the QA and Publishing process. 24 hours would be a good benchmark for most
> companies. Hey, we all 'assume' this fix is in fact a fix. But, as most of
> us in the development world know all to well - sometimes what you think is
> a fix is not - or it fixes one issue and creates two new ones. Thats why
> good companies have QA proceses. It's just common sense - even with
> thebest developers in the world. QA is essential.
> Hopefully, EA will put this on the fast track and get it to us tomorrow.
> Any later than that and they are being sloppy and irresponsible (which is
> honestly what I expect).
> Luke
> kama said:
> >
> > That kind of crappy... A hotfix like this should be out within 10 minutes
> > after the problem have been found and a fix have been implemented.
> >
> > Gah, sometimes I really like how valve and steam is working.
> >
> > /Bjorn
> >
> > On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, Rene Belloq wrote:
> >
> >> Well, as Luke poked fun at, even though the developer believes this to
> >> be
> >> the best course of action, EA will certainly need to check it out before
> >> posting it. Then probably work up the communication to put on the BF2
> >> webpage. I'd think it'll take at least 24 hours... For a big company, I
> >> think that's realistic. Unfortunate, but realistic nonetheless.
> >>
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> >> >Doesnt seem to be out yet, lord only why its taking so long for EA to
> >> put a
> >> >file on an FTP server. :(
> >> >
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