[bf1942] Disconnecting after every round

metac0m metac0m at pixel-war.de
Thu Jun 23 08:39:38 EDT 2005

> * Does this happen on every mapchange, or maybe always at the end of
> every round?
Every mapchange and round-end

> * Does it always kick all players?
Yes - except the players which are still loading the map

> * Does it happen regardless of the number of players?

> * Have you seen it when doing a LAN-server?

> * Are you all running the unranked public version? Or are you part of
> the EA-trusted thing?

> * Are you seeing any messages in the server when it kicks all players?
> I've seen you report the punkbuster-messages, but how about when you are
> not using punkbuster?
Nothing to see

> * Have you seen this happen on the demo?


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