[bf1942] new gamespy fields: skill_ & pid_

Nigel Smart nigel.smart at tranceairwaves.com
Tue Jun 21 09:56:16 EDT 2005

Just a quick Q .. im assuming the gs3 protocol is using TCP .. looks like it 
from that link...

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Subject: [bf1942] new gamespy fields: skill_ & pid_

> Andreas,
> Can you provide any info on what the pid_ and skill_ columns mean? I see
> that a player's skill goes up like points, and seems to span rounds...
> Is that how commander election is determined? Is it persisted across
> joins to the same server? Any info on how the server computes the skill
> value?
> What is pid? A new player identifier?
> I'm asking because I'm porting my web based admin tools to BF2, and I'm
> wondering how I could make use of these.... I already use skill as the
> tie breaker when I sort by team, score, deaths, and skill. Seems like if
> this is really a decent represenation of skill it could also be used by
> a team balancer script to level the teams....
> If anyone is interested, here is some stuff I learned (or didn't learn)
> about the new GameSpy v3 protocol used by bf2:
> http://www.unholyplayground.com/code/
> You can see examples of the packets and the new data elements in a
> report showing the parsed data.

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