new gamespy fields: skill_ & pid_

Brigham Stevens brs at
Tue Jun 21 04:00:35 EDT 2005


Can you provide any info on what the pid_ and skill_ columns mean? I see
that a player's skill goes up like points, and seems to span rounds...
Is that how commander election is determined? Is it persisted across
joins to the same server? Any info on how the server computes the skill

What is pid? A new player identifier?

I'm asking because I'm porting my web based admin tools to BF2, and I'm
wondering how I could make use of these.... I already use skill as the
tie breaker when I sort by team, score, deaths, and skill. Seems like if
this is really a decent represenation of skill it could also be used by
a team balancer script to level the teams....

If anyone is interested, here is some stuff I learned (or didn't learn)
about the new GameSpy v3 protocol used by bf2:

You can see examples of the packets and the new data elements in a
report showing the parsed data.

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