AW: [bf1942] LAN Server crashs without internet connection

Christian Satanic.Surfer.666 at
Mon Jun 20 14:29:20 EDT 2005

Hi Stefan,

thanks for this info. I've removed the "gateway" part in
my /etc/network/interfaces, but the server is still crashing without
an internet connection. Should i remove the dns entrys too?

Thanks again for any replys!


ST> Nope, got the same Problem on my last LAN Party this weekend.

ST> Solution:

ST> Remove all GATEWAY/ROUTING Informations from your Linux/Windows Server !
ST> After removing my Gateway Infos ( the Server starts without
ST> crashing.

ST> I think, the Server is searching for an Internet/Gateway connection =
ST> after
ST> the start,
ST> if the the Server has some Information about a Gateway....

ST> ...and without any Search for it :-)

ST> Both Server on Windows and Linux has this kind of "bug".

ST> Greets
ST> Doc. 

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ST> I believe you're meant to create an offline profile within Battlefield 2 -
ST> the demo came with one as default.

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ST> Hi!

ST> Today i've setup the bf2 retail linux dedicated server at my debian sarge
ST> 3.1 lan server. When i'am online with this lan server the bf2 starts without
ST> a problem, but when i'am offline the server crashs with a segmentation
ST> fault. The problem is, an lan partys i have no internet connection...
ST> Any ideas how i can fix this?

ST> Thanks in advance for your replys.

ST> --
ST> Greets
ST> Christian

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