[bf1942] +overlayPath and friends

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Mon Jun 20 11:16:27 EDT 2005

YES! You are truly the Python-Master! :D

initializing default admin/rcon module
Admin: loading '/home/server/bf2configs/bf2test/settings/adminsettings.con'
Admin: setting 'admin.port' = '4713'
Admin: setting 'admin.password' = 'rcontest'
Starting rcon on port 4713
initializing default admin/rcon module

Thanks a lot! Now I can actually use the start/stop script I made today
and enable Monit-surveillance with automatic restart on crash of more
than one server on a box :D


Steven Hartland wrote:
> a_debug does work fine yes just set to 1 to get info on whats happening.
> However I gave u the version of my dev box which I'd been playing with
> and broken :p
> Attacheded is the original working version ( debug enabled )
> tested with:
> Bf2_w32ded.exe +config "C:/server1/serversettings.con" +mapList
> "C:/server1/maplist.con"
> and:
> [adminsettings.con]
> admin.port 4277
> admin.password "test"
> [/adminsettings.con]
> Server was correctly bound to port 4277
>    Steve
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> Sent: Monday, June 20, 2005 3:43 PM
> Subject: Re: [bf1942] +overlayPath and friends
>> Thank you Steven. I read your mail back then, but had already forgotten
>> about your solution to this problem. ;)
>> However, I seem to be unable to make it work. I placed the script
>> multi_admin.py alongside default.py in the admin-dir. I then changed my
>> serversettings.con to read sv.adminScript "multi_admin". I also made a
>> file in the same dir as the maplist.con called adminsettings.con in
>> which I've written the following:
>> admin.port=4713
>> admin.password="rcontest"
>> When I start the server, the port is still not 4713. It even seems like
>> the script isn't properly executed: I added the following at the
>> beginning of the script (just after the definition of the writer class):
>> f = file("/home/server/tmp/bf2test.txt",'w')
>> f.write("Using multi_admin.py\n")
>> f.close()
>> But nothing is written to the file. I know this part works, since if I
>> put the three lines into default.py it works fine.
>> Also, is the a_debug part supposed to work? If I change to a_debug = 1,
>> there is nothing written to admin_debug.log. 
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