[bf1942] Firewall Ports Part II

RFTN-Kenny kenny at a-k-c.dk
Mon Jun 20 09:35:17 EDT 2005

it can be used for the punkbuster webtool too

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> --On Monday, June 20, 2005 1:39 PM +0100 Steven Hartland 
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>> TCP IN ANY 80 Battle recorder port
> Aha! So that's for the client, and might vary if the prefix offered by the 
> server has a port override. (Does the client recognize the port field in a 
> URL? Does it have full URL parsing, including username and password?) It's 
> also an outbound destination, so one doesn't open the local port 80 for 
> this. For a server, it's inbound only on the web server, which might be a 
> completely different machine from the game server.
> This is the kind of info we really need so we can make proper policy 
> decisions. Thanks, Steve.

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