[bf1942] +overlayPath and friends

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Mon Jun 20 07:06:49 EDT 2005

I agree this is a huge step back from bf1942, which was a very
elegant solution.
I've updated admin.py to do what u want, posted it a week or
so ago on this list multiplay.py. It determines the path to use
for "adminsettings.con" from where the maplist is stored. Not
the most elegant solution but it works :)

+multi ignore from what I can gather its for the client not the
server ( load testing feature maybe ).

    Steve / K

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Subject: [bf1942] +overlayPath and friends

> In BF1942 and Vietnam, we had the option +overlayPath which indicated an
> alternative directory in which to place settings-files such as
> serversettings.con, maplist.con, punkbuster-files etc. This was quite
> handy since we could keep all settings in one dir away from the main
> installation and thereby run more than one instance of BF2 on a box with
> a single installation of the server software.
> In BF2 I have only found the following (./start.sh +help):
> +config  -  Sets path to the ServerSettings.con file to use
> +mapList  -  Sets the path to the MapList.con file to use
> +pbPath  -  Set the path to use for PunkBuster on multi-instance
> configurations (defaults to {install_dir}/pb
> The first two have to point to specific files, whereas the second points
> to a pb directory. In serversettings.con we can set all the involved
> ports so as to avoid port collission when running more than one server
> on a box. However, there is one port that is handled differently: rcon.
> It is "hardcoded" in admin/default.py, but it is possible to override
> this by placing a file default.cfg next to default.py and let it contain
> this:
> port=4712
> password=thisseemstowork
> The problem is, obviously, that this is a global override of the port!
> How can I specify that server 1 running on the machine should use rcon
> port 4711 and the other should use port 4712?
> A possible solution I thought of was if the gameport is available within
> python somewhere, e.g. under the "host" or "bf2" instances, then the
> rcon port can be calculated based on that port (rcon_port = 4711 +
> game_port - 16567, for instance). But I have been unable to locate that
> setting.
> Another possible solution would be to include a command in the wrapper
> script used to start bf2 in chich a default.cfg is copied to the
> admin-dir right before launch. That is not a good solution, IMO.
> Any clues?
> And while I'm at it: Would it be possible to get a list of the options
> to start.sh with a better explanation of what they do? For instance,
> what does the following mean?
> +multi  -  Allow starting multiple BF2 instances
> Additionally: start.sh +help lists many options that aren't available
> for the Linux-server (such as +fullscreen), and it ends with the following:
> +checkForPatch
> +ai
> fatal error: argument parsing failed
> Cheers,
> Einar

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