[bf1942] Firewall Ports Part II

Per Kristiansen per at gathering.org
Sun Jun 19 15:13:55 EDT 2005

On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 02:58:43PM -0400, Jon Wolberg wrote:
> Just do a netstat with the server running and see.....
> That's how I did it.

ah yes..that was what I also did, but there were still things popping up that 
netstat or lsof could not tell me.

like the aphexmaster thingy..

also we had this "official" list to muddy the water:

And with EA's "block happy" attitude to things they don't like I would like some information 
on the subject from somone that are 1) technically competent and 2) has some degree of trust :)

Hello andreas :)..

Per Kristiansen
per at gathering.org

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