[bf1942] Anyone get RCON working?

Andreas Fredriksson deplinenoise at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 14:22:49 EDT 2005

On 6/16/05, Steven Hartland <killing at multiplay.co.uk> wrote:

> Andreas do you have a full API description or any info that you
> can let us have as its like digging in the dark for gold atm I know
> its all there somewhere but where :) Simple things like knowing
> what port the server's running, what's its config file etc.

No, sorry I've been out of the loop for quite some time so I don't
know how the documentation for the python interface has been coming
along or when/how it will be published. Browsing through the admin and
gamemode scripts should give an idea though as they utilize most of
the functions available in the host API.

// Andreas

printk("@#*$!!!!  (%08x)\n", ...)

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