[bf1942] Anyone get RCON working?

Brigham Stevens brs at vikingmind.com
Thu Jun 16 13:23:06 EDT 2005

Hi Andreas,

Great to hear from you :) Nice job on creating The Best Video Game Ever.
I'm getting 64 players on Gulf of Oman on Win2k server with only a P4
2.4 Gz 2.5GB RAM. The CPU is pegged at 100%, but the game play is still
fantastic with no lag. I'm expecting that I may have lucked out for that
map only, and will need a phatter CPU if I want to stay at 64 players
when the game comes out.

Thanks for the tip, that worked great!

So if we were to write our own remote rcon tool we would also have to
pass exec before we send the command? The exec is required by the server

You might not know the answer to this but will the new BF2CC app log to
a database? It says it logs all admin commands, but does it log to a
plain file or to a DB? I would like to keep a web log of admin kicks and
bans, similiar to what I did with bf1942. That lets players know they
were banned and what they need to do to become unbanned.


Andreas Fredriksson wrote:

>On 6/16/05, Brigham Stevens <brs at vikingmind.com> wrote:
>>I'm using the rcon terminal program that came with it.
>>I can authenticate ok and connect, but when I try the commands listed in
>>the ReadmeServer.txt it complains that it is an unknown command every time.
>You need to prefix console commands with 'exec'. The remote console
>accepts remote console commands.
>I designed it this way because I wanted to open the door for admins
>who might like to add their own rcon commands in the python modules.
>This way there are no name clashes between console commands and any
>rcon-specific commands an admin could add.
>I.e. if you say 'users' you are executing the rcon command users,
>which displays the authenticated rcon users, while 'exec
>some.consoleCommand' will pass that console command upstream to the
>game host.
>For anyone interested writing their own rcon commands, the place to
>look is the default.py python module in admin/.
>// Andreas
>printk("@#*$!!!!  (%08x)\n", ...)
>        linux-2.6.6/drivers/atm/zatm.c

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